Discover Your Purpose Curriculum

Designed for self-development in the process of knowing Who I Am, this curriculum leads students to what gives meaning and purpose in their lives. 

YSW Discover Your Purpose curriculum co-developed by Kearny High School Teachers, headed by Daina Weber

For teachers, aligns with State Standards, and can be used by youth organizations and individuals.

Stage 1: Discover Your Purpose curriculum culminates in students developing their personal story – a journey of learning, challenges, discovery and growth, leading to successes that build confidence and self-awareness, and the discovery of their purpose.

The curriculum continues with Stage 2: Develop Your Purpose and Stage 3: Live Your Purpose.

This Discover Your Purpose curriculum includes self-assessments, debriefs and group shares, journaling, analyzing, activities and expression in the form of written papers and TED style talks supported by the community.


Stage 1: Discover Your Purpose

  • Understanding Our Identity and Influences 

  • Understanding Our Personality 

  • Developmental Assets

  • Growth Mindset 

  • Discover Your Purpose

  • Expressing Your Success

Purpose Definition: The driving force of ones’ life that leads to meaning and fulfillment.

We can’t predict the outcome and timing of knowing our purpose. It’s a process of discovery and knowing one’s purpose comes at different times for people. It’s being aware and noticing what we like and want to do; what brings a sense of satisfaction and desire to do more. Where do we spend your
time? It’s going through self-discovery in various areas and reflecting, noticing what’s similar, what themes are emerging, and what gives meaning to our lives.

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