Bring Youth Success Week (YSW) to Your Community!


• YSW Events and Activities that engage the community

• YSW Curriculum and online platform

YSW is a program that engages communities and inspires youth to discover their purpose and explore their success. It encourages youth to craft their stories and share with others – the community is listening.

To start a YSW Program in your community:

  • A leader is identified. (A district superintendent, a school principal, a youth organization leader, a community leader, or other person. Can be a student if they have time, leadership and work with a mentor.
  • Leader gathers others in community (business and organization leaders, consultants, educators, students, parents, civic leaders) and calls a meeting to discuss.
  • Regular planning meetings are held, activities created and funds are raised to support activities.
  • Encourage schools to adopt the YSW Discover Your Purpose curriculum.
  • Deliver YSW activities that highlight student stories. Encourage students to post on the YSW Platform and join in on the Virtual YSW.

Activities support youth discovering their purpose, exploring success and crafting and presenting their stories. A Festival may be held that brings together the community that includes a presentation where students share their stories (TED Style) to a community audience.

Some of these talks from the Oceanside CA YSW Festival are on our  Media  Page

Local communities can plan their own YSW activities with event held during a specific week, and during the year.

Activities may include:

  • Year-long support in YSW curriculum
  • YSW week of activities including a Closing Festival
  • YSW Clubs
  • Leadership Success Days
  • Regular community planning meetings

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