Youth Success Week (YSW) is a national movement with a program and curriculum giving students opportunities to express what success means to them as part of their journey to discover their PURPOSE in life.

Our program guides students during the school year through a process to discuss their purpose and explore what success means to them.  The YSW program and curriculum are available free to schools, school districts, organizations, and communities in the U.S. at no charge. The results and successes are celebrated by the entire community in an annual event.

Goals for YSW

  • Students discover their Purpose – provides direction and meaning to setting personal goals and to aligning academic interests, resulting in increased self-worth; 

  • Students obtain relevant skills – aligned with their Purpose, making them more relevant to the future job market;

  • Students’ voices are heard – a program and platform that allows each student to have a voice and to be heard;

  • Communities come together – schools, teachers, families, businesses, youth organizations and local non-profits in collaboration supporting students to succeed.

The effect is contagious and Brookwood in Illinois launched their first YSW this year:

Why it Works

  • YSW is designed to engage and catalyze our entire community on matters related to the success and well-being of our youth.

  • YSW brings together visionary educators, youth and community leaders, professional experts, youth-serving organizations, entertainers, parents and students in an unprecedented demonstration of how a community can come together and put its children first.

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YSW Key Stakeholders

  • Businesses

  • School District(s) and Schools

  • Corporate Sponsors

  • Principals

  • Teachers

  • Non-Profits

  • Parents/Family

  • Youth Organizations

  • Chamber of Commerce

  • Service Clubs

  • City Officials, Departments (fire, police)