Youth Success Week (YSW) is a movement that brings communities together in support of youth. It is a free program and curriculum that inspires youth to discover their purpose and explore their success, with an annual celebration.

Explore how YSW is changing the lives of our youth in the video below 

Youth Success Week

The health of our community depends on the success of our youth. Our youth succeed when they discover their purpose in life, so how do we help them do that?

Youth Success Week (YSW), created by CAYS, engages youth in discovering their purpose from our curriculum, the YSW event where youth express their story, and community participation and support.

The YSW curriculum takes students on a journey to explore what success means to them on their path to discovering their purpose. Discover Your Purpose curriculum co-developed by Kearny High School teachers, headed by Daina Weber. Experience the amazing talks below on what success means to these young people on their YSW journey. 

Celebrating the Launch of our new Discover Your Purpose Curriculum in partnership with

Kearny High School.

Youth Success Week 2018 Talk: Ariana

Youth Success Week 2018 Talk: Alan

Youth Success Week 2018 Talk: Elileo

Youth Success Week 2018 Talk: Drako

Youth Success Week 2018 Talk: Kadisha

YSW Program Impact

  • Teaches students how to discover their PURPOSE.

  • Creates individual student confidence to graduate from high school and college and take ownership of the academic success.

  • Gives youth a voice and a forum to be heard

  • Enables students to become better employees and better citizens benefitting the entire community.

  • Brings the community together to support youth and to celebrate youth in an annual event.

  • Offers program and curriculum to schools, school districts, and communities at no charge.

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